Strategic Workshop: Where We've Been, Where We Are, Where We're Going

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“Strategy without execution is the slowest route to victory, and tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu from “The Art of War”

This full day strategic workshop is for any organisation or team that are serious about not only having a strategic plan, but achieving it; it is the strategy, tactics and execution. You will leave this workshop with a clear plan of where you are going and exactly how you will get there.

The focus for the workshop is to:
- Articulate business goals and strategy for the year ahead
- Define contributions for individuals and teams
- Build team cohesion and alignment

Jess has successfully run this workshop with a large range of teams and organisations including various teams at ING (including Customer Experience, Corporate Affairs and Retail Teams), Fortius Funds Management and Dr Adam Fraser, to name a few.

- Opening Activity and Introduction to Strategic Action Model

- Memorable Moments: Reflect on how the team’s accomplishments and challenges for which the last 12-months would be remembered. These moments should include both the highs and the lows.

- Influencers: The team will consider their team’s external and internal forces that shape their team. These influencers should include both positive and negative. The team will then identify what they see, think and feel about each influencer; good, bad, real or perceived – the point is to acknowledge what the team sees, thinks and feels.

- Vision: This is where the team take a step into the future and articulate what they would like to be able to say their team has proudly achieved in 3-years time. It’s more than just setting team goals, it’s telling your team’s story like your team has already achieved these things. (Don’t worry the plan we make is just for the next 12-months but at this point, we want to take a step 3-years into the future.)

- Road Map: The team will then identify what needs to be achieved in the next 12-months that, if accomplished, will lead us towards achieving our 3 year-Vision. In this section we will define and prioritise the available opportunities, ensuring that each is aligned with overall strategy and purpose and turn them into milestones.

- Ownership & Planning: Once the 12-month milestones are identified and prioritised, the team will then allocate who is responsible for each milestone (this doesn't mean that they are the sole person responsible, but rather that they own it and are responsible for facilitating it's success). Finally, time permitting, each person must commit to what action they will take in the next 30-days that will take them a step closer to achieving the 12-month milestone.


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