Self-Subscription Commitments: How to get your team to self-subscribe to high performance

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Clarity of expectation – perhaps the most basic of employee needs in the workplace – is critical to performance. Yet approximately half of workers are unclear about what they are supposed to do at work.

Work groups that answer strongly to the question “I know what is expected of me at work” are more productive, more profitable, even more creative. Substantial gains on this element alone often correlate with productivity gains of 5-10%, thousands more happy customers, and 10-20% fewer on-the-job accidents. (Gallup)

Knowing the importance of this, Human Tribe assist organisations in creating role clarity with Self-Subscription Commitments (SSC).

The SSC process begins with a 60-minute facilitated session between us, the team member and their manager. We identify the Key Result Areas for that individual, prioritise them and then identify KPI’s for each category, as well as what evidence and measure the team member will use to show that they are achieving their KPI’s. This process is then repeated 6-months later, as roles and priorities change.

Then, every 30-days, you hold a check-in meeting which requires no preparation from the manager but the team member is expected to bring along their evidence and measures to show that they are achieving their KPI’s. Having these 30-day meetings means that the team member is always going to be across all of their result areas so if they are behind, they can catch it early and make necessary adjustments. It also allows their manager to be continuously across the performance of their team members but with a hands off approach. We are not creating work for the sake of work here, rather, we want to make team members know what is expected of them and accountable to their results.

This process replaces annual performance reviews, opting instead for regular ongoing engagement and support


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